At SERaro we are conscious of the fact that for anyone with a disease is extremely important to have access to an assertive and fast diagnose, information about the disease, and the possibility to share experiences with other patients. For a rare disease patient, this is CRITICAL.

Our mission is to improve the welfare of everyone that approach us, providing them:


  • Access to relevante information about the disease and similar pathologies;
  • Contact details of relevant specialists experts in the disease;
  • Contact details of other patients (with their consent) with the same or similar relevant pathologies;
  • A word of support and hope.

With such actions, we will:

  • Support patients and their families and carers to find more about their diagnose, recommending relevant specialists;
  • Support doctors to improve their ability of diagnose and treatment of rare diseases by recommending patients with the same or similar disease;
  • Support increasing the knowledge about exceptional rare disease especially within the medical community;
  • Reducing the distress of our members, families and carers and other families, providing them support and a word of hope;
  • Promote the communication with other international institutions which represent and support the same or similar pathologies, in order to share knowledge and experience.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash